Seasteading project to proceed in Tahiti

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Floating city the new future

Earlier this year, the French Polynesia government decided to create the world’s first floating city with the help of San Francisco tech start up – The Seasteading Institute – designed to take place in the South Pacific with construction assumed to begin early in 2019.

The project will be a trial for a man made autonomous government to be created and built in a Tahitian lagoon and if this trial is successful it could be the basis for many more people to create and govern their own city/government. This will prove vital for testing different government structures and focussing on some of the biggest issues. Time has proven that when small countries break away from bigger ones, the most pressing issues are often overcome within a generation or two, creating a more prosperous nation. We only need to look at Singapore and Hong Kong to prove this.

The reason that the French Polynesia volunteered to be the host for this trial comes down to global warming. Due to global warming, the sea level is set to rise at an alarming rate and statistics show that if the sea level keeps on rising at the same rate then very soon two third of the land of the French Polynesia will be under the sea. Hence the decision to explore new ideas and the  French Polynesian government decided to opt for a trial with seasteading.

The proposal was not very welcomed by all as some of the locals of French Polynesia thought that this was simply a plot for wealth Americans to create their own government system in order to escape having to pay taxes. Wether this is true or not, it can be said that many wealth Americans – including tech billionaire Peter Thiel – are backing this trial and are advocates of sea steading in general.

Before signing the deal the French government was very clear that the institute will have to prove that Seasteading project will be economical to the country and will not harm the environment. They also notified that the government will not provide any kind of subsidy during the construction of the project.

According to the Seasteading Institute, the floating city project will be a revolution in the field of construction. These types of construction will help in adapting to the rising levels of the sea. Seasteading Institute also announced Blue Frontiers as its new company which will be dealing with the French Polynesia. The officials at the Sea Seasteading Institute said that Blue Frontiers will help in creating clean technology and blue economy jobs. This will help them in attracting International and local investment.

The signing of the agreement took place on 13th of January of this year. The minister of housing and the governor’s official spokesperson flew to San Francisco to sign the agreement. Officially the agreement was to be signed by the President Edouard Fritch. President fridge also addressed the group present in the Silicon Valley and said: “The Memorandum of understanding I am sure will greatly help and facilitate our future cooperation on this innovative project”.

The Seasteading investors are said to be self-funding the construction and the initial study part of the floating City. The estimated cost of the project is somewhere between  $10 million to $50 million USD

This will be one of the most awaiting projects in the field of real estate and construction. It will be a miracle to see an entire floating cit; the first of its kind. Until then we can only speculate and judge if this technology is even possible. It won’t be wrong to say that with the worlds politics at disaster point and global warming only getting worse this sort of technology could make or break how we live on this planet.