5 transportable homes that prove the future of housing is mobile

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In the future many people will choose to travel rather than being stuck in one place, and technology such as the internet and virtual reality will allow us to do this, but given people need to live somewhere, how will that impact the real estate market?
I believe we are going to see a new breed of slow travellers. That is people who spend 2–12 months in one location before moving on to the next. This might be internationally, but it will also be domestically as well. Here are 5 modular houses that will let you live this lifestyle in the near future


These super cool homes are designed as mobile living and represent a new way of living that will become much more common in the future. It offers a new vision and dimension to the way we live and work: mobile living.The creators of the coodo have caught on to this new movement of slow tourism — or medium term accommodation. Like most of the other houses in this list, the Coodo is designed to be picked up and put on the back of a truck and driven to its next destination. This will no doubt see the rise of semi permanent camp grounds for these types of homes, which are built around a community of people who up and move places every 3–6 months. I guess you could in some ways compare it to the Grey Nomad movement in Australia.

Imagine rocking up to your new location, the truck unloads your house, you plug in the water and electriicity and then be part of the local community for 2–3 months, before ordering the truck to move to the next space. Because you can work on your computer, commuting is no issue and you can make your way around the country being more than just a tourist.

Tiny Houses

I have to admit, I am not a big fan of the tiny house movement. I mean, I would never want to live in one, I think they are absolutely fantastic for the growing homeless problem and people who want to live a minimalist lifestyle. I just don’t like the idea of 2 people living permanently in a 20m2 space. That is not to say that tiny houses don’t have their benefits. For those who love tiny houses, you will be only too familiar with the magnificent structures people are creating, at a miniature size. Tiny houses are designed to have a small floor print, thus allowing them to skirt around council compliances and more and more tiny house designers are throwing their creations onto wheels and trailer and making it so that these tiny houses can be towed behind a car and simply plugged into their next location.

These versatile homes cost anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000 and can range from a basic square box into a magnificent smaller rendition of historic buildings. Some are even two storied. As house prices soar, expect more and more tiny house villages to take hold as people choose to downsize and live a more minimalistic lifestyle.

Tokyo Vending Machine

Growing and adapting to Tokyo’s housing demand, this Pod Skyscraper is constantly under construction. Residents can order a ready-to-use modular dwelling manufactured by 3D printers on the top floor of the building, and then cranes lower it into place. This is simply an idea at present created by Haseef Rafiei, who received honorable mention at this year’s eVolo Skyscraper Competition. Again whilst this is just a design for one possible solution to Tokyo’s massive housing crisis, it represents a new way in which we could live. Remove the part about pods being recycled when an owner moves out and insert pods that are transportable and could be carried down the building, placed onto a truck, driven across the country to another city and lifted into a new building, sliding right into place in which ever spot is available, and you can see how developers of the future could create a new housing as a service model.


The UFO or Unidentified Floating Object is the first in our list that is not land based. The UFO is a home designed to float on the ocean and be able to move locations through the use of a small engine added to the object. Now the UFO differs from boats and houseboats as it was actually designed as a home first. When talking about mobile homes, we need to discuss the difference between a home that is mobile and an existing mode of transportation that has been turned into a home — much like we often see with buses.

The UFO is unique in that it has been designed right from the get go to be an amazing home, complete with underwater master bedroom which looks out at the fish, to the wind turbines and solar panels utilised to make the home self sufficient. The UFO is designed for people who want to be self sufficient and be able to roam around the sea as they please — however with a motor capable of speeds of 4 km/h don’t expect to be going anywhere in a hurry.

Apple Self driving homes

Now instead of having to figure out how we are going to get home after a hard night out on the town, with a simple push of the button you can call your home to come pick you up and drive you somewhere nice whilst you sleep off your hangover.

Thanks to Apple who has released a concept for a self driving, electric tiny house on wheels. The company announced the iHouse will come with a staggering 350-mile range and new patented technology that turns the car into a mobile home complete with a bed, bathroom, kitchen and even a pizza oven using a simple voice command.

Whilst this was released as an April Fools joke, the idea in itself is revolutionary because whilst self driving cars are becoming the norm, no one is yet to take a bite at the housing industry. With motorhomes and RV’s making up a $10.7bn industry in the US alone, that makes for a very large market share to be disrupted should someone choose to go that way. Maybe Apple should take their joke a little more seriously before someone else does.

So, regardless of whether you want your home to be self driving, floating or to be able to chuck it onto the back of the truck, the era of modular and transportable homes is upon us. How could you take advantage of this trend in order to fast forward your investing and get ahead of the curve?

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