Apis cor just 3D printed a house for $10,000

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Apis Cor has 3D printed a house in Russia. 

A Russian based startup just made the impossible possible. Apis Cor has 3D printed a house in Stupino town near Moscow. It took only 24 hours for this company to construct a house of 40 square meter. Built from scratch, the house did not use any prefabricated parts instead the company used a mobile 3D printer and printed out the walls of the house using a concrete paste layered upon each other. The same machine also built the partition and the building envelopes.

Some of the people in the company say that because of the speed with which the complete house construction took place is unmatched. However, apart from the printing of the walls, the fittings like accessories fittings, hydro fittings and thermal installation had to be done manually. The painting of the house was also done by the construction workers.

Though this technology is new for Russia the 3D printing has been used by Dubai and China for the past few years. The construction of housing via 3D printing is now seen as the new future of construction. Whilst Russia cannot lay claim to the first 3D printed home, they can lay claim to the first fully 3D printed home on location, because China’s technology simply 3D prints prefabricated parts that are then put together on location.

When discussed with the experts in the real estate industry, they had to say that the main benefit of 3D building was the time that it took to complete the construction. According to the officials of Apis Cor the cost of construction using the 3D Technology is 70% less than the cost encountered in traditional construction.

The total cost incorporated in constructing the house was US $10,135. This price included the expenses of the work and the materials required for the construction of the house. It also included the furnishings that fitted in the house. Though the total cost comes to be $275 USD per square meter, the officials from Apis Cor claim that if the same size of a house is made in a square shape or a rectangular shape it will cost only $223 per square meter.

The main problem that the workers at Apis Cor had to face was the cold temperature. The concrete mixture used to construct the house works well only up till 5-degree centigrade and higher. Due to the cold temperature, they suspected the concrete mix might not function properly. Since the test occurred during the cold Russian winter they decided the best course of action was to erect a protective tent around the construction site to secure the concrete mix of the cold weather.

Unlike other printers Apis Cor use the crane printers which have the flexibility to move around inside the construction site and create designs accordingly. Also, there are very few chances of any error during construction because there is no human involvement in operating the machine. Once you program the machine for the required work it works on its own and finishes the construction in no time.

Samsung Electronics also made its presence in the 3D printed house by supplying the perfect curve Samsung TV and other Samsung gadgets. The specialty of all these equipment was that these equipments could be operated with the help of a Smartphone.

It won’t be wrong to say that Apis Cor made a big breakthrough in the field of construction by introducing and building a house with the help of 3D printing in just 24 hours. We are soon to witness a revolutionary change in the way of construction.

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