Are modular transportable houses the future?

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The movement towards modular transportable houses

 Real Estate has always been something people aspire to own or invest in. Despite recessions or economic depressions, there has always been a steady interest in the field. But there is a big change happening in the industry and it is happening right now.

Anything in this world has to evolve according to the prevalent times to survive and go forward. Real Estate is no exception to this rule. The millennial generation are thinking beyond the rules and regulations set by their “traditional” predecessors. The basic nine to five is not for them. They want to see the world around them, travel to faraway places and meet new people. It is this way of thinking that has led to the evolution of traditional homes as we know it.

The shift to modular transportable houses has been gradual and starting to increase in speed right now.

There are bound to be some changes in the real estate industry, for example:

  1. Less Traditional Housing: The obvious point is going to be a shift from the traditional units to the modern high-tech modular units. These are built according to the modern times and are ready for delivery which gives freedom to the engineers and planners to do their job with a lot of wiggle room.
  2. Adoption of Technology: The real estate sector has been hesitant to do adopt to the modern ways. It’s the harsh and the ugly truth. But now, it doesn’t have the option to choose. In the fast paced world of today addicted to amazon prime rate of service, they want everything fast and of good quality at better price rates. With adoption of technology, it can be done and modular transportable homes can be a regular feature of the modern architectural and real estate sector.
  3. Competitive Pricing: This where a deal either goes through or falls apart. Everything depends upon the bottom line or the asking market value of a property. With a shift to modular homes, the traditional homes will face stiff competitions. With the same build quality and low environment impact no less, modular homes can be moved to sites. No more house hunting and the terrible experiences that comes with them. Just make a call and transport your home to a new place. With significant impact on the rental industry not out of the picture, it will be interesting to see how the market behaves or what the future holds for this new era of housing technology.

There are many benefits of modular and movable homes over the traditionally built homes. But, you could say some people prefer it the old fashioned way. Even though, at some point, modular housing wouldn’t just be a trend of times, rather it would be a necessity of the coming future. People need to realize the impact that they have in this world and going the modular way can be less stressful on the environment. You’ll live in a better world and preserve it for the coming future generations. The world can be your home now and the phrase “home is where the heart is” has never been more true.

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